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Saturn Transit in Capricorn - Professional Astrologer. Videos matching Aquarius - Astrology Annual. Taurus Horoscope Month Wise. New Age experiences ahoy! Moon in Pisces. This is a very important astrological event. This is the Jupiter Saturn 'Mutation Conjunction'. This is the first of a series of uninterrupted conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn every 18 years in the Air element which will span much of he the next quarter of a millennium. A Great Conjunction is a conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn.

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The last Great Conjunction took place on May 31 , while the next ones will be on October 31 , April 7 , March 15 and September 18 Great Conjunctions take place regularly, every 18 to 20 years, as a result of the combined 12 year orbital period of Jupiter around the Sun, and Saturn's 30 year orbital period. Jupiter and Saturn have been conjunct in Earth signs every 20 years since , with the one exception of in Libra.

We are today initiated into a refreshing 'Aquarian Age' type era which will extend in time way beyond this current life. The star system is an eclipsing binary system. New evidence suggests that these two very close stars are getting closer and will merge explosively, soon.

Molnar presented his findings yesterday, January 6, , to the American Astronomical Society. The chart shows the summer constellations of Cygnus and Lyra, with north up. The Northern Cross asterism is marked with the blue lines. The position of KIC is shown with a red circle.

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It is in line with the three stars of the cross bar and, if it reaches 2nd magnitude in outburst, as it might, will be as bright as they are. The binary stars have been calculated to maybe merge and explode. The object is light years distance and has ecliptic coordinates 11 degrees It will be red I understand, rather ominous as at that time Saturn will also be in Aquarius.

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Very exciting. This prediction is unprecedented.

Full Moon for January The Super Blood Wolf Moon | The Old Farmer's Almanac

A simulated view of the contact binary system KIC Transiting Saturn is also in Aquarius to The US has its first Pluto return in the period from to Jan 12th Six planets within a 20 degree arc in Capricorn for 2 days. January 21st Inauguration of US pesident Feb.

April 12th Jupiter conjunct Neptune 24 Pisces. September 14th Lunar occultation of Uranus visible telescopically from the UK approx. September 27th Jupiter at opposition today is at its brightest and closest since The path of this eclipse touches western Australia and passes north to the East Indies. Moon in Taurus conjunct Jupiter. August 21st Lunar occultation of Saturn visible telescopically from the UK.

November 5th US election. December 18th Daylight lunar occultation of Mars visible telescopically from the UK. January 5th Daylight lunar occultation of Neptune centred on the UK. January 20th Inauguration of US president. This is where Mercury and Venus are directly between the Earth and the Sun. The last time this happened was in a pair three days apart, both in Virgo.

March 28th Six planets within 20 degree arc for two days in Pisces. It will next transit Gemini from From , the astrological aspects that gave us WW II repeat themselves.

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Using certain planetary cycles. Jan 17th Six planets within a 20 degree arc for two days in Capricorn Jun. May 3rd Uranus conjunct the Pleiades. The path of totality just passes through northern Madrid. A deep partial eclipse for the UK. The last eclipse in the series Auguat 16th was a memorable 'heavy partial eclipse'. The next one September is a Total Lunar Eclipse. This series started with a penumbral lunar eclipse at the north pole on October 5th The Saros series 'went partial' in The series peaks with the longest Total Lunar Eclipse in the year and the series ends in September 14th Daylight lunar occultation of Venus visible telescopically from the UK.

The US Uranus Return also occurs in This eclipse passes close to both Tripoli and Mecca. August 7th Asteroid will pass within km of Earth.