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Being an Earth sign gives Taurus good business sense, also a keen sense of the value of things and a talent for gardening. Taurus appreciates beauty and likes to indulge in the sensual pleasures and the finer things in life.


One might even say, over-indulge: Taurus is prone to laziness. Taurus rules the neck and shoulders, and Taurus natives often have sensitivity in that area. Emotional tension and stress accumulate in the muscles in the shoulders and neck, for example, and these folks are prone to sore throats. They often have lovely or soothing voices. Many singers are Taureans.

Taurus needs to express negative emotions instead of holding them in. Taurus symbolically represents Mother Earth, the fertile womb that received the seed and prepares for gestation and growth.

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It is the peak of spring. Nature must guarantee survival to the newborn. Thus it becomes passive, receptive, its rhythm slower and paced. The frenetic Aries period would now be dangerous: the earth, in this vegetative cycle phase, needs heat and nourishment. Similarly, on the psychological level, the personality that emerged under Aries requires consolidation and stability.

Taurus' energy awakes the conservation instinct within us and drives us to concentrate and focus all our efforts on building a favourable environment for our physical and psychological growth. In this phase we are highly dependent and influenced by our closest environment. We need a habitat that welcomes and sustains us in our growth, like a plant needs the earth, water, heat and light to grow. The instinct is to build a safe haven that holds and protects us and no obstacle can get in our way.

We will reach our goal with determination, perseverance, patience and method. However, these qualities, representative of Taurus, when not dominant and wisely controlled, can easily transform into stubbornness and obstinacy. Moreover, our need for security is so high that every change scares us and it is dangerously easy to become victims of harmful emotions like possessiveness or jealousy, and remain obstinately rooted to extreme conventionality and conservatism.

Under the influence of Taurus' energy, the senses are intensified. The most instinctive part of us emerges.

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The purpose of this instinctual drive is not to give free reign to our impulses or strong passions that live within us but to guarantee the survival of the species by preserving life and procreation. If the instinctual energy of Taurus is sufficiently raised and channelled in achieving goals that go beyond simply satisfying impulses, we will be able to fully express our creative potential.

Otherwise, we become victims of our instincts, castaways at the mercy of our uncontrolled desires. Gemini coincides with the end of spring and with the conquest of air by the vegetation that rises upwards with branches and leaves. It is the time of diversification, the intensification of exchanges. Life is now fully expressed through the differentiation of shapes and colours. Every plant shows, through its flowers and leaves, what it truly is, the distinctive features of its species.

Similarly, on the psychological level, Gemini's energy is expressed in the drive to open up to our surrounding world to exchange, communicate and discover the multiplicity of things.

We should not be astonished that under the influence of a diversified and mobile energy like air we feel extremely hastened and intrigued by our immediate surroundings and the need of both physical and mental dynamism grows within us. In this phase we learn to interpret and adapt the multiplicity, the forever changing experience to which we are exposed.


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We learn to transform it into knowledge. The first step is to turn the subjective into objective, to recognise the eternal conflict between our inner reality and that which the exterior world offers us. To better understand this concept, we use the example of a child who only knows the intimate and protected family sphere and must leave his home for the first time to go to school. He must face a totally different world. He must adapt to the organisation of the classroom and space, much different from the known and familiar home fire.

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